Use Cases

The following use cases are hypothetical business needs that could benefit from mobile driver license.

mDL as a form of identification

As a form of identification, mobile digital licenses would be stored on a mobile device and could potentially be used for various purposes, including signing in to online services.

Account recovery method

Add Mobile Driver's License to your account recovery process to provide a frictionless second verification step for mobile application users.

Know your customer (KYC)

By providing a secure and convenient way to verify a customer's identity, a mDL can potentially enhance the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for businesses and financial institutes.

mDL as a form of identification

Component Interactions

1. User obtains mDL from the issuer

A user uses a digital "wallet" application (mdoc app) to request an mDL from their driver license issuer (e.g. their DMV in the US, the DVLA in the UK). Users would typically scan their physical driver license and send it to the issuer. The issuer verifies the details (either online or offline) and issues a digital driver license (mDL), which is stored in a digital "wallet" application.

The mDL data is signed with the issuer's private key.

2. User presents credential to application

Later, the user is using an application (mDL reader) that wants to verify something they can prove with the user's mDL. The application requests the mDL data it needs and the user uses the digital wallet to present the credential to the application.

3. Application verifies the mDL data

The application verifies this "digital presentation", which includes cryptographically verifying signatures for both mDL contents and transaction data, ensuring the content has not been modified, and checking the mDL format expiration date and validity period.

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